You are currently viewing Where to rent in Montreal? This is the million-dollar life-changing question. Here are our favourite 5 areas to rent.

Where to rent in Montreal? This is the million-dollar life-changing question. Here are our favourite 5 areas to rent.

Montreal is one of the most dynamic and charming cities in Canada. This beautiful city has so much to offer from cultural diversity to dozens of globally known festivals, from poutine to smoked meat, from its famous nightlife to beautiful nature and much more.

These are also the reasons why many people from all over the world chose to move to this amazing city. But when choosing the right area for yourself, there are what seems to be an endless amount of factors to consider, whether that be price, transportation, lifestyles, demographics, or attractions.

Each neighbourhood has its own traits and vibes. No matter where you choose to live you’ll have a great quality of life in Montreal. To make life just a bit easier, we looked meticulously into the most common areas to rent in Montreal, keeping in mind the factors to be considered when decided where to rent in Montreal, which neighbourhood.

Where to rent in Montreal?

The Old Port

Where to rent in Montreal - Old Port

Famous for its cobblestone streets and typical European architecture, The Old Port is the oldest part of Montreal, dating back to the 17th century. Part of Montreal’s central district (Ville Marie), The Old Port is the hot spot hub for tourists. If you are the type of person who likes to be surrounded by new faces everyday and who likes to be in a place where it gives off the European vibe and is rich in history, culture, and gastronomy, this is the place to be! 


Walk Score 88: It is the 2nd most walkable neighbourhood in Montreal with 83,877 residents. Lucky for these residences, most errands could be done on foot, which usually means having a car isn’t really necessary.

Bike Score 82: Not only could most trips be accomplished by riding a bike, you’ll be able to do it with ease, as there are minimal hills, and many bike lanes available. 

Transit Score 88: Public transportation is of abundance in this area. You’ll always be able to catch a bus or a metro. 

  • Metro Stations: Orange line : Champ-de Mars, Place-d’Armes, Square Victoria-OACI.
  • Bus lines:
    • 55 (north along Saint-Laurent Boulevard to the Plateau Mont-Royal)
    • 14 (north, then east to the Gay Village, Lafontaine Park and Plateau Mont-Royal)
    • 36, 61 and 168 (to the southwest and Nuns’ Island)


Most people who live in this area are mostly bilingual, a few percentages of people speak only French or only English. Generally a younger demographic, the people you’ll find living in The Old Port are either single, or coupled, with no children. 


The rent for a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom condo can range between $1,600-$3,000 depending on the amenities provided.

Rent in Old Port is not cheap, so if you are interested to move there, you will have to put in mind that your annual income covers at least 3 times the annual rent you spend. Choose wisely. 


  1. Churches: Notre-Dame Basilica (PS. this is where Celine Dion got married).
  2. Museums: Pointe-à-Callière ( a history and archeology museum); Château Ramezay ( Must-see-museum, voted 1001 museums you have to visit before you die); Montreal Science CentreCentre d’histoire de Montréal (a museum that talks about the history of Montreal) Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier National Historic Site ( Founding fathers of Canada) 
  3. Art Galleries:  Galerie Got, Marché Bonsecours( home to art galleries and a showcase of Inuit art and local products), PHI Centre, DHC/ART Fondation pour l’art contemporain
  4. Festivals: Old port has infinitive events throughout the year. Check them out here. Montreal festivals and annual events
  5. Gastronomy, Shopping: There are infinitive high-end restaurants and bars in this area. Make sure to walk along Saint-Paul street (which is home to most of the restaurants, bars, shops and many more etc. Refer to this link for more information about restaurants and bars (
  1. Spas. ( Montreal’s 12 most interesting spas
  2. Rent a boat and do activities with friends and family at the Port (

Plateau Mont Royal 

Where to rent in Montreal - Plateau

Located in the northeast of downtown MontrealThis area is known for its coloured houses, cafes, book shops and a free-spirited attitude that embraces the bohemian culture and nature, and the European characteristic architecture. So, expect, while strolling along the streets of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, to find street art as a form of the “laissez-faire” attitude that this hood represents.  It was rated one of the 15 “hippiest” neighbourhoods in North America, so if you find that you resonate with attitude and artistic drive, Le Plateau is for you. 


Walk Score: 96. You guessed it! Plateau mont Royal is walker’s paradise. Being the greenest and most walkable neighbourhood, this score can’t be surprising. Most people who live there walk around to do their errands, earning the area an almost perfect walk score the high score. 

Bike Score: 100. A perfect bike score is not something you come by everyday. You can use your bike for errands, as well there are many facilitated bike lanes to allow bikers to roam around safely. 

Transit Score: 80. This area is great for public transportation, which can be very useful if you dont live in walking distance from when you work or go to school. There are 3 metro stations in the area, Mont Royal, Laurier, and Sherbrooke. As for buses, you’ll find one anywhere you are in the Plateau


Most of the population who live in Le-Plateau are youths ranging in age between 25-34 years old, so people could be students, young professionals, or couples without children for the most part. 


 For a 1-bedroom apartment, prices can range between $1250-$1400, depending on what is provided as amenities. 


  1. Public displays of creativity. This is a highly walkable hood, so look out for any creative musician, public arts.
  2. Parks. It is the hood of parks.  The most popular ones you have to go to are, Plateau Parc (perfect for picnics, BBQs), Parc La Fontaine (perfect for bike rides and picnics. Also has a huge outdoor skating rink), Carre St-Louis (known for its romantic fountains, could be a great place for a romantic date), Parc Jeanne-Mance (Tam-tam music, hosting softball, picnics).
  3. Top Happy Hour places. Have a look at Buvette Chez Simone, Bily Kun(Czech Bar, live jazz), Rouge Gorge, Sparrow, Plan B ad many more. 
  4. BYOW (Bring your own wine) restaurants. It is raging with BYOW authentic restaurants, and you can find food from all over the world. (Packed on Duluth Street and Prince-Arthur Street). check out our guide to the best Montreal BYOW restaurants here. 
  5. Follow local artist’s projects for Glen LeMesurier and Patsy Van Roost. 
  6. Restaurants. Go to live show restaurants like Sala Rossa. Must trys : Restaurant L’Express, Au Pied de Cochon, Yokato Yokabai Ramen, Best Poutine : Patati Patata, Chez Claudette, La Banquise and Ma poule Mouillee.
  7. Festivals, Indie Theatres, Cinemas: Fests: Montreal Fringe Fest, POP Montreal, Puces Pop, Mundial. Theatres: Mainline Theatre, Montreal Improv, The Wiggle Room. Cinemas. Cinema du Parc, Cinema L’Amour. 
  8. Get Coffee. Café Plume, Lapin Presse, Cafe Neve.

Le Sud-Ouest

Where to invest in Montreal - Sud-Ouest

There are a few areas that make up Le Sud-Ouest, which is located southwest of downtown Montreal. Griffintown is where knowledge and industry got acquainted. Pointe St Charles was home to the first Filles du Roi, young French women who immigrated as part of King Louis XIV program as well, the first home for our Irish friends. Little Burgundy, where Montreal Jazz was born. St Henri, which is historically a blue-collar francophone district. It has 106 parks in total. The Lachine Canal is the prince of Sud Ouest. Atwater-Canal-Lachine has one of the oldest markets in Montreal, and is surrounded by the canal. 

Walk Score: 73. It is the 6th most walkable neighbourhood with 71,681 residents. Most people who live there walk around to do their errands

Bike Score: 81. You can use your bike for errands, as well there are many facilitated bike lanes to allow bikers to roam around safely. 

Transit Score: 76. This area is great for people who need to use public transportation to get to and from work or school. The metro stations nearby are Charlevoix, Lionel-Groux, Angrignon, Place St-Henri, Jolicoeur. As for buses, you’ll have no problem catching one throughout the day


Most of the population who live in Sud-Ouest regions speak French, a small amount of them speak English and other languages. Residents are generally between 25-34 years old. This group consists of young professionals, students, couples with no children. You can find the occassional senior and family, but these are minorities. 


For a 2- bedroom apartment, prices can range between $1300-$2250, depending on what is provided as amenities. 


  1. Atwater Market. This market is one of the oldest markets in Montreal which is home to many local products and hard to find gourmet products. 
  2. Rue Notre Dame.  Where you can numerous restaurants like Grinder, Chez Sophie, Le Bureau Bar Tapas, Restaurant le Richmond and many more. Bars, like Atwater Cocktail club, The Coldroom, Canal Lounge, Paper planes, Cordova, Milky Way, Cloakroom, Loic, Distellerie etc.
  3. Lachine Canal. Where you can do many activities like biking, walking, skiing in the winter, Ice skating since the canal becomes a skating rink, Kayaking, picnics etc.  
  4. Parks and Nature. Angrignon (where you can do many activities like rollerblading, hiking, walking and sports), Olympic Basin, La Pente a Neige, Ile Notre Dame Beach, Madeleine Parent Park, Square Sir-George-Etienne -Cartier. (all perfect for cozy picnics with family and friends, exercising, some have city pools where you can swim and many more.) 


Where to rent in Montreal - Lachine

One of the oldest neighbourhoods since 1667, Lachine is located in the southwest area of the island of Montreal, between the borough of Lasalle and the city of Dorval. It is home to best high schools in Quebec. It has a long waterfront and beautiful Marina. 

Walk Score: 58. Lachine is the 12th most walkable neighbourhood in Montréal with 41,559 residents.

Bike Score: 65. There are some bike infrastructure. 

Transit Score: 53. Public transportation is somewhat limited. There are no metro stations, there is a train and  you’ll definitely find a bus to where you need to go. Having a car is definitely helpful if you’re living in this area. It’s right near Autoroute 20 which is 15 minutes from downtown Montreal.


Lachine is the most bilingual area in montreal. Most peopleare perfectly fluent in both english and french. This area is mostly known as a family residential area. Only a small percentage are couples without kids or bachelors.  


Between $950 and $1500 is the typical rent you will find for a 2 bedroom apartment in Lachine, Quebec. 


  1. Waterfront Parks. Discover, Parc Rene-Levesque (garden of sculptures, Parc Saint-Louis (municipal dock, Lachine Canal National Historic Site ( where you can walk along. 
  2. Old Lachine. It has a lot of museums like Musee de Lachine. Period buildings like Maison LeBer-Le Moyne, and Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site, a former fur trading post.
  3. Rue Notre Dame, where you can find, Marche de Lachine, Montreal’s oldest public market since 1845. Also, many restaurants and bars like Casa Portugaise, El Meson, Il Fornetto, and bars like Zoe Fondues Karaoke, India Rosa. 
  4. Secondary Schools/ High Schools. They score high on the Fraser Institute report card. Some Schools to consider,: Paul-Jarry, Pearson Electrotechnology Centre, College Saint-Louis and Collège Sainte-Anne.


Where to rent in Montreal - Westmount

Primarily an English speaking community, Westmount is on the western slopes of Mont Royal. In 1874 it was the municipality of NDG and 1890 it was responsible for Cote St Antoine. In 1895 it got its name of Westmount because it is located on the western slopes of Mount Royal. 

Walk Score: 75. Most errands can be done on foot with 19,931 residents. People in Westmount can walk to an average of 4 restaurants, bars and coffee shops in 5 minutes

Bike Score: 86: Convenient for most trips and has lanes especially for bikes. 

Transit Options: no car? No problem. The public transit  in the Westmount area is great. You’ll have easy access to vendome, atwater and villa maria. You’ll also have no problem finding buses.


Westmount is known to be a very affluent area. Most of the population living in Westmount are between 45 and 64 of age. Usually Westmount is filled with families and seniors. 


 2-bedroom apartments range between $1605 and $2400 depending on the area and amenities. 


  1. Westmount Public Library. 
  2. Westmount Park (Have a picnic, watch some soccer or rugby whenever there is a game, walk around, exercise) It has playgrounds for the kids. Also has an arena and swimming pool at the south end of the park.
  3. Art Galeries : Galerie de Bellefeuille, Galerie d’Este, McClure Gallery/Visual Arts Centre
  4. La route Verte. For bike riding or hiking.  Network of bicycling and multiuse trails and designated roads, lanes, and … of the Saint Lawrence River, out to the Gaspésie region, and on the Îles de la Madeleine 
  5. Alexis Nihon (MontVR): Virtual Gaming Experience. 
  6. Westmount Square, where you can find many great restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. 

Here is a website to guide you to further public transportation information:

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