7 Essential household items to think of when renting an apartment in Montreal

There are not many bigger steps in life than moving out of your parents and renting an apartment in Montreal. Now if you’re anything like me, what gets you most excited is decorating the new place. Most of us moving out for the first time are more or less on some sort of budget. From picking out the colour scheme to buying that perfect couch to snuggle up and watch Netflix, there is nothing more satisfying than creating a space and making it your own.

Here are 7 essential household items to think of when renting an apartment in Montreal

  1. Bed

Needless to say, first things first is a bed. We all need a place to sleep. Although I wouldn’t recommend buying a mattress second-hand, for obvious reasons, a second-hand bed frame is perfectly fine. Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, and Craigslist are all great sights to buy second-hand. Sometimes, If you’re lucky, you can find free items in great condition. Don’t be too suspicious of these offers. They’re usually people who are moving and have no time to sell their furniture and just need to get it out of their house.

Another great way to get a bed on a budget is DIY (Doing It Yourself). You would be surprised by all the amazing bed frame ideas you can get on Pinterest. A new bed frame trend is making them out of pallets. So, why buy one, when you can make one?

2. Dresser 

Apartments in the city of Montreal are notorious for not having much storage space. If you’re someone like me and have tons of clothes, one closet in the bedroom is simply not enough. Dressers are always a great piece of furniture that not only gives you more storage space but often completes the look of a room.

You can also buy these second-hand. If they’re not in the best of shape, make a day out of it; sand it down, and paint it. It’ll look brand new.

3. Couch.

What’s an apartment if you don’t have a comfy couch to watch Netflix on? It’s useless. Be sure to find one that is affordable, comfortable, and goes with your style. You rarely want to compromise on comfort and style. It’s important that you can take a great nap and also show off your style. A couch is usually the focal point of your apartment. It’s where all your guests will gravitate towards. This could be the one piece you want to splurge on

4. Coffee table

Coffee tables are so versatile. You can kick your feet up, use it to display candles and flower arrangements, and even use it for extra storage. Storage is the main concern for everyone, and a great way to get some extra storage is by getting a coffee table that creates more space. You can store anything from books to blankets, or even your extra paper towel and toilet paper. No one needs to know.

5. Kitchen Gadgets

The majority of Montreal apartments come with appliances included in the price. Sometimes you’ll only get a stove and fridge, and other times you may get a stove, fridge, dishwasher, and washer & dryer. Generally, you get what you pay for. When first moving in, the smaller things can get shoved in the back of your head and forgotten about, And when you go to make that first home-cooked meal, and all of the sudden you’re making a stir fry with a metal fork. All these small appliances like wooden spoons, spatulas, baking sheets, and even measuring cups can all be found at Dollarama.

6. Artwork

Empty walls are boring. Artwork is personal and can be a great way to make your condo more “you”. There’s no need to spend your whole paycheck on artwork. You can use frame photos, make collages, and even buy canvas’ and paint something yourself. Not a good painter? Do something abstract, no one will know the difference between your abstract art, and the one in a gallery for $14,000. Artwork is a great way to finish your apartment. And put your own personal touch to it.

7. Plants

Plants are not only beautiful, but they’re useful. They help with your mood and also clean the air naturally by absorbing all the toxins. A plant will make your apartment look lively and fresh. Plant shopping can also be fun. You can head to the Atwater market or the jean talon market and pick through plants you didn’t even know existed. The best part about plant shopping is that after you buy one, you get to name it.

Moving into your first apartment is an exciting time. Your first move doesn’t always need to break your bank account and you also don’t need to compromise on your style and preferences. There are so many options out there to meet your style needs and your wallet’s needs. Even though you may need to do some things yourself, it can always be a fun and rewarding process. Just plan and budget accordingly, and you’ll have yourself the perfect place for YOU.

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